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  • It’s behind you!!!

    Primary trainees give us an insight into their Christmas production.

    One of the many highlights for any primary pupil, is the Christmas production. Schools put in a great deal of effort to create a wonderful experience for their pupils. Our trainees give us a glimpse into their school’s performance.

    KS1 are putting on the spectacular Lights, Camel, Action, where the inn keepers, angels and donkeys are all dancing for the judges! Alongside rallying the angels for their ballet dance, I’m helping with the songs, line learning and general stage direction. I’m so happy to be part of such an amazing nativity.

    Vanessa McGill

    My Year 1 class are singing in Carnarvon Primary Schools KS1 Nativity called ‘Off to Bethlehem’. I have enjoyed every moment, helping the children to learn the songs, making sure they understand the story and to ensure they relish their moment in the spotlight.

    Helen Allen

    The children are doing a show called 'Rock Bottom', written for the school. I help with the running back stage of props and set change. I also appear as an 8 foot dinosaur in the play, in which I proceed to dance and interact with audience.

    Joshua Jennings

    Posted 10/12/2018 by Main News

  • Trainees enjoy their day at NUSA.

    This week's core training day was held at Nottingham University Samworth Academy.

    To give our NTS trainees an opportunity to experience a variety of different schools, we move the location of the core-training day as much as possible.

    Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA) is a secondary school in Bilborough, Nottingham and some of our trainees visited for the very first time.

    The Head of School, Mark Trimingham, welcomed the trainees and gave them an insight into the diversity of working at NUSA.

    Teaching staff presented information on how the deaf unit supports learners and how to develop literacy across all subjects by planning for different ages.

    We would like to thank Mark, NUSA staff and pupils, for taking the time to deliver a truly engaging day.

    Here are some of the trainee’s thoughts on day;

    Thank you to NUSA for a brilliant training day. I loved talking to and sharing ideas with year 9 pupils and hearing more about the school and its ethos.

    Ellen Smith: Science Trainee @TorchSCITT

    Massive thanks to NUSA for having me today. It was great to hear about how successful the school is and how much is being done for deaf and SEND students. Really impressed.

    Stuart Street: PE trainee @TorchSCITT

    Posted 01/12/2018 by Main News

  • My experience of a PRU school: Keyham Lodge

    Grace Grantham is a secondary English trainee, read about her experience at Keyham Lodge.

    My experience at Keyham Lodge has been valuable in molding my teacher values. During my four days at Keyham Lodge, I have felt fascinated, engaged and nervous all at the same time.

    Pupils at Keyham Lodge have very diverse needs and backgrounds. The school provides a safe, warm and comfortable environment for the students to learn, eat and embrace important social and behavioural skills. Teachers provide a platform for these students to: have someone to talk to, educate themselves and meet other people who understand their circumstances. Keyham provide a refreshing, understanding and patient behaviour for the students to see.

    Overall, my experience at Keyham lodge has provided me with a different perspective on behaviour. The teachers at Keyham lodge, who all had great warmth and compassion, have inspired me to view every student has an individual that needs guidance through their ongoing battles in life. I will use these thoughts to develop my own practices in main stream schools.

    Grace Grantham

    English trainee

    Posted 25/11/2018 by Main News

  • Well Being

    Peak Well Being delivered a vibrant session to our trainees.

    Peak Well Being is a specialist physiotherapy wellbeing practice who visited Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT and delivered a truly insightful session on teacher well being.

    The trainees looked at the body's reaction to stress, work/life balance and how to form good habits.

    Each trainee focused on their own areas for development and how their body and mind where influenced by good and bad patterns.

    We hope by focusing on teacher well being at such an early stage into our trainee’s career, they will develop the skills to become healthy, resilient, happy teachers who will remain in their profession for many years to come.

    We would like to thank Mike and Liz Whitehead for delivering a fantastic training session and we look forward to part 2.

    Posted 12/11/2018 by Main News

  • Inclusive education: LGBT

    Trainees learn how to ensure all pupils are supported and feel safe in their learning environment,

    Kate Norton visited the Torch Trainees to give guidance on how to support LGBT pupils. The session was invaluable to our trainees as they looked at how they may work with individual students in their classes, including how to respond appropriately to students coming out and the specific needs of transgender students.

    Trainees looked into how to support the LGBT community in school when creating an inclusive environment and all felt they had learned something they could utilise in their schools.

    Many thanks to Kate for delivering a very interesting and important session.

    Posted 07/11/2018 by Main News

  • Whats it like on placement one?

    Scientist Ellen Smith talks about her positve start on placement

    Starting a first placement as a trainee teacher is exactly the same feeling as starting school for the first time, exciting yet nerve-racking! Toot Hill School in Bingham have welcomed all of us “SCITTs” with open arms and have been really helpful in informing us about everything at the school from safeguarding to where we can work and eat lunch. They even provided us with new pencil cases and memory sticks (a teacher’s dream!). The ethos at the school is “Work Hard, Be Kind” and this can definitely be felt with both staff and students. I am excited to start delivering Science lessons next week and begin the journey to becoming a qualified teacher.

    Posted 18/10/2018 by Main News

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