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  • Whats it like on placement one?

    Scientist Ellen Smith talks about her positve start on placement

    Starting a first placement as a trainee teacher is exactly the same feeling as starting school for the first time, exciting yet nerve-racking! Toot Hill School in Bingham have welcomed all of us “SCITTs” with open arms and have been really helpful in informing us about everything at the school from safeguarding to where we can work and eat lunch. They even provided us with new pencil cases and memory sticks (a teacher’s dream!). The ethos at the school is “Work Hard, Be Kind” and this can definitely be felt with both staff and students. I am excited to start delivering Science lessons next week and begin the journey to becoming a qualified teacher.

    Posted 18/10/2018 by Main News

  • Taster Day

    What to expect from a Torch SCITT Taster Day

    Taster Day at Firbeck Academy Situated in Wollaton, Nottingham, Firbeck Academy staff and children welcomed the Torch SCITT team with open arms and smiling faces. Today was one of many taster days but what did it entail?

    Anyone potentially interested in starting a career in teaching, is welcome to attend a Torch SCITT taster day. People of all backgrounds, ages and different experiences, can take a look at what teaching is all about and what we do here at the SCITT. Once you have arrived for the taster day, we introduce ourselves and give you some information regarding our program. You are then given a tour of the school by the headteacher. After the tour, you can visit lessons of different key stages and be amongst what teaching is all about…the children. We will answer any questions you may have and give you help and guidance with applications.

    Taster days are great fun and a brilliant opportunity to experience a real school. Many thanks to the staff and pupils at Firbeck Academy, we look forward to visiting again. For information on our other SCITT Taster days, please see our website.

    Posted 12/10/2018 by Main News

  • Was it the right decision?

    Trainees tell us if Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT really is for them.

    Now the trainees have met the SCITT team, completed their induction and are settled into their first placement school, we asked them...did you make the right decision in choosing to train with the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT?

    ‘I feel completely supported by a very knowledgeable and experienced team who are always on hand for any support or advice I need’. Emma Allen, Primary SCITT trainee

    ‘Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT put a tremendous amount of effort into moulding us into outstanding teachers’. Joshua Holmes, Computer science SCITT trainee

    ‘I chose to train with Torch SCITT because of the family feel you sense as soon as you enter the interview day. The support provided for you to excel and to become an outstanding NQT is something that has a real pull, from the first moment I met the team I felt wanted and this gave me the confidence to take my next steps with this SCITT provider. Their employment record is second to none which shows they have a great system of producing quality PE teachers’. Tom Wing, PE SCITT trainee

    ‘I do love the time, effort and enthusiasm the SCITT team put into everything to develop us and help us succeed, but the best thing for me, is the support we get when it gets tough. It’s the way we all help and support each when we need it that I really love’. Nick Fayers, Maths SCITT trainee

    ‘The main thing that stands out for me, is that I get a really good vibe from the SCITT team and feel extremely well supported and not just chucked in at the deep end’! Charlie Parry-Evans, PE SCITT trainee

    Posted 12/10/2018 by Main News

  • What to expect from the Induction period at Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT

    Ben Jordon (trainee teacher of Geography) based at Meden School reports on his experience

    Whether you are straight out of University or you have had years of being in the work place, starting something new is always an experience. Firstly, who do you sit with? No one wants to feel like they don’t fit in. Secondly, am I going to understand any of what is said? Thirdly, have I made the right choice?

    Firstly, at Torch SCITT there is a variety of people who all have different skills and principles, but you can guarantee there will be someone that you connect with. This is encouraged throughout the first few weeks with lots of supportive activities for you to get to know your peers as well as the infamous Facebook group!

    Secondly, it’s OK to know nothing. Some days I still feel like I don’t know anything at all, but the staff at Torch make you feel appreciated and energised because even though you are at the start of a new career they see value in your potential.

    Thirdly, most people I have spoken to have gone through these emotions and some of them still surface today. However, don’t worry because help is always at hand! I have never been without support when I have needed it, from my time at training to my time in placements, help has been there in abundance (and you will absolutely love it!).

    So how do I sum up my first few weeks of training? Think of the wildest ride you have been on and hold those emotions, because a team of peers, mentors and trainers will pick you up and guide you through your journey with care and attention to your needs.

    Posted 03/10/2018 by Main News

  • NTS career switcher Geography trainee Leila talks about her first placement

    NUSA first placement trainee reports!

    I have worked in many offices and with a wide variety of people, with this in mind I found myself, surprisingly to be very nervous going into my 1st placement. What was expected of me, would I get on with my tutor?

    The moment I arrived to the receptionist beaming, I was calmed. The whole process so far, has been reassuring and personalised. My tutor is wonderful, clearly laying out expectations along with giving me the ability to choose the speed to go. All the staff offer help very freely. I feel like you are part of their journey too and they want you to succeed. Nearly a week in and I am as comfortable as I have been in any work environment. This is testament to the SCITT and the mentors

    Posted 01/10/2018 by Main News

  • Subject Specific away days for Trainees

    Trainees visit over 6 different schools as part of their subject training

    Trainees have completed their first week of placement. They have met their mentor, received their timetable and no doubt, got very lost at their placement school. So now was a perfect time for their second subject day.

    The day was packed with vital information about the different key stages, new GCSE specifications and of course, how to take a good selfie. A competition was held between the different subjects and the most photogenic group (science) was announced on our twitter page, @Torchscitt.

    The locations and subject tutors were far and wide across Nottingham/shire for all of the subjects; Maths at NUSA, Science at NUAST, Computing at Garibaldi, Geography at Meden, History at Djanogly City Academy and English, Primary, PE and Social Sciences at Toot Hill. Selfies are a good way for trainees to show everyone else what they are up to! What a great cohort.

    Week two of placement has begun and we look forward to hearing how well the trainees are doing.

    Posted 01/10/2018 by Main News

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