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  • Mentors help inspire and guide the next generation of teachers!

    The NTSCITT mentors meet to discuss placement two and how to support trainees.

    Every trainee teacher at Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT has a mentor at their placement school. This person is an experienced teacher from the same subject area who acts as a role model, offers expertise and provides a huge amount of support.

    Last week, NTSCITT invited both primary and secondary mentors to meet. This was a perfect opportunity for mentors to share good practice, discuss trainee development and learn how to help their trainee progress further.

    It was fantastic to have all mentors together. These people are dedicated to helping trainee teachers and their positive energy could be felt as soon as you entered the room. Discussions of trainee reflection, positive feedback and wellbeing were only a few of the topics covered. It is obvious why these people have been chosen to mentor and we are certain our trainees will learn from their guidance and support.

    We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your hard work in helping to inspire and train the next generation of teachers.

    Posted 10/02/2019 by Main News

  • Wrap up warm!

    Trainees experience the Finnish education system and temperatures as low as -24.

    It is well known that the Finnish education system takes the lead in the national education rankings. When we research the reasons for this, we find that there is no standardised testing in Finland, there is a high standard of teacher training, pupils start their education at the age of 7, there is equality amongst schools and students' education is designed to support their individual strengths.

    Here at the NTS, with think it is important our trainees can experience at first hand the truly remarkable Finnish education system.

    We have just returned from Jyvaskyla, a city in Finland where the University of Jyvaskyla welcomed our trainees into their primary and secondary school.

    Over the course of five days, trainees experienced the teaching and learning organisation, explored a wonderful city enduring freezing temperatures and had a fantastic time in the company of their fellow trainees.

    Our trainees now have a week to reflect on the experience and will present their thoughts on what they have learnt and how they can implement their ideas into their own teaching career.

    Posted 26/01/2019 by Main News

  • Do we have your attention!

    NTSCITT trainees explore pupil motivation.

    Getting pupils to like the subject you teach as much as you do can be a daunting challenge, but one that needs attention. Secondary pupils especially want to learn in a stimulating environment and be taught by an enthusiastic teacher. NTSCITT trainees have been learning how to do exactly that.

    PE danced an exhilarating Zumba, Science performed a temperature experiment and Geography explored some attention-grabbing classroom resources. Our trainees can now incorporate what they have learnt into their lesson planning. Their pupils will appreciate the child-centred approach and will engage in their learning. The ideal time to start delivering their exciting lessons is during placement two, but first we have a plane to catch—destination…Finland!

    Posted 16/01/2019 by Main News

  • New Year Induction

    Read what our secondary and primary trainees have been up to this week.

    We have been very excited to welcome back our trainees after a three week holiday.

    To prepare everyone for their second placement, the trainees have completed a week of intense induction training. This has included voice training, interview preparation and another great session on teacher/pupil well-being. The voice training was led by Toot Hill’s Kate Pacey, a drama teacher who knows a thing or two about the use of teacher voice. Trainees looked at how to engage pupils through the use of variety and tone. An engaging session, that not only interested the trainees but has given them confidence in their own use of voice.

    Trainees will be applying for jobs very soon, so here at NTSCITT we hope to prepare and give everyone the best opportunity to secure a post suited to them. We discussed the interview process, wrote applications and gave trainees a chance to see a mock interview. Peak Well Being, a local specialist physiotherapy wellbeing practice, delivered their second training session of the year. This time, focussing on how activity helps wellbeing, stress and learning and how to increase brain power, memory and health. The session was truly amazing and appreciated by everyone.

    Many thanks to all our external providers for helping our trainees progress as teachers and grow in confidence.

    Posted 10/01/2019 by Main News

  • Work Hard, Be Kind!

    Trainees collect for charity

    The Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT trainees have been working n over 25 schools surrounding Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City.

    All trainees have been collecting donations from their schools, families and friends which led to two van loads of food and clothing for local charities to help the vulnerable and less advantaged. The first of these charities is The Friary, which supports the vulnerable and the homeless. The second charity is the Trussell Trust Food Bank, which is based in the Meadows.

    An important feature of teacher training is to educate the next generation and over recent years to raise awareness of issues of poverty in society. Within the SCITT who are linked to Nova Education Trust who have the philosophy of “Work Hard…Be Kind” which all trainee teachers support and actively promote amongst all the classes they teach.

    “As a teacher training provider we can make a huge impact on supporting local causes and more lasting to re-educate the next generation on how to support organisations with the philosophy of Work Hard….Be Kind. As years move on we do see increasing numbers of children who are in social deprivation and require both educational development and pastoral care/advice. This in essence reinforces the lasting impact great teachers can have on society”

    Treena Philpotts (Director of Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT and Teaching School Alliance, Nova Education Trust)

    It doesn’t end here. The Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT will continue to collect for local campaigns and promote its philosophy in large number of schools within the partnership. For more information on what we do visit or @TorchSCITT

    Posted 05/01/2019 by Main News

  • It’s behind you!

    Primary trainees give us an insight into their Christmas production.

    One of the many highlights for any primary pupil, is the Christmas production. Schools put in a great deal of effort to create a wonderful experience for their pupils. Our trainees give us a glimpse into their school’s performance.

    KS1 are putting on the spectacular Lights, Camel, Action, where the inn keepers, angels and donkeys are all dancing for the judges! Alongside rallying the angels for their ballet dance, I’m helping with the songs, line learning and general stage direction. I’m so happy to be part of such an amazing nativity.

    Vanessa McGill

    My Year 1 class are singing in Carnarvon Primary Schools KS1 Nativity called ‘Off to Bethlehem’. I have enjoyed every moment, helping the children to learn the songs, making sure they understand the story and to ensure they relish their moment in the spotlight.

    Helen Allen

    The children are doing a show called 'Rock Bottom', written for the school. I help with the running back stage of props and set change. I also appear as an 8 foot dinosaur in the play, in which I proceed to dance and interact with audience.

    Joshua Jennings

    Posted 10/12/2018 by Main News

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