NQT Support Offer

Our core purpose is to prepare former trainees as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) to become highly effective classroom teachers who will reflect on their own practice throughout their years as a teaching professional. It is our hope that all teachers having completed their ITT year will continue to find innovative and creative ways to communicate with learners and promote a love of learning. We seek to continue to support our NQTs with a wide range of teaching and learning strategies as well as the inter-personal skills required to motivate and inspire students.

We aim to continue to provide training experiences that develops teachers who are confident and competent at delivering their subject specialism in effective and imaginative ways, irrespective of their educational setting. We understand that no teacher ever ‘stops developing or learning’ and want to continue to support teachers within and beyond NQT years.

At NTS we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke training package using the best practitioners from within a large Multi-academy trust to support core and in school training. All trainees receive a high level of support in developing their skills within their first posts whilst realising that the NQT can be challenging and support and teacher ‘wellbeing’ is a focus. Our commitment to those within the SCITT stretches beyond the initial ITT year, into NQT and onto future leadership pathways.

NQT Support Offer from the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT

  • All NQTs will be invited to attend 7 free NQT Twilights training sessions. This will be hosted at a variety of different school settings to promote networking and develop NQTs inter school experiences.
  • At the end of the course all SCITT trainees will attend a NQT day conference which links with future training needs. This links also to the work of the Multi Academy Trust (NOVA) and the Torch Teaching School career pathways program.
  • Trainees continue to be able to access support/advice from the central SCITT team via email support, surveys and additional CPD materials.
  • Former Trainees will be invited on occasions to support/mentor new trainees/interested graduates in developing their understanding of teaching/ITT and Subject Specific work.
  • Course Tutors and Central SCITT team will QA the provision of in school NQT training wherever possible with support visits.
  • All trainees will receive ‘transfer’ training plan documents and new employers will have access to trainee end of placement 2 reports/targets and ‘pen’ portraits. Such information will allow schools to best plan how to support NQTs within school based on pre-identified needs.

Transfer of Trainee information

Trainees will complete the following documents that are aimed at being transferred to new schools via email and within the trainees ITT portfolio. Such documents will support trainees in successfully completing their NQT year.

  • Trainee Action Plan – up to date based on Final Assessment Advice
  • NQT Pen Portrait – transferring information to new school on strengths and areas to develop.
  • A competed Portfolio; evidencing how trainees have met the standards within ITT year.
  • Information on PGCE assignment topics including and topics of research.

The SCITT central team will forward to all schools the following information in order to support schools in developing NQT training within schools.

  • Trainees End of Assessment Report (as written by Mentor/ITT) with some added comments.
  • Information and advice (based on lesson observations, meetings, final interview and presentation). This will be the same copy that trainees receive on completion of final interview.
  • Information on NTS ‘core NQT’ training offer encouraging schools to support NQTs in attending.