ECT Support Offer

Our core purpose is to prepare former trainees as Early Career Teachers (ECTs) to become highly effective classroom teachers who will reflect on their own practice throughout their years as a teaching professional. It is our hope that all teachers having completed their ITT year will continue to find innovative and creative ways to communicate with learners and promote a love of learning. We continue to support our ECTs by being delivery partners with the Best Practice Network working across Nova Education Trust school partnerships in a 2 year highly effective coaching program…so you never stop learning.

ECT Support Offer from the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT

  • All ECTs that remain within the Nova Education Trust will be enrolled onto the statutory Early Career Framework program (with Ambition Institute). This will be hosted at a variety of different school settings/groupings with clinics and conferences to promote networking and develop ECTs inter school experiences.
  • Nova Education Trust work with the National Teacher Accreditation scheme – the appropriate body for ensuring its partnership of schools continues to support the ECTs progress and development.
  • ECTs will continue to be able to access support/advice from the central SCITT team via email support, surveys and additional CPDL materials.
  • Former trainees will be invited on occasions to support/mentor new trainees/interested graduates in developing their understanding of teaching/ITT and Subject Specific work.
  • Visiting fellows (a team of expert practitioners) will quality assure the provision of in-school ECT training wherever possible with support visits.
  • All trainees will receive ‘transfer’ training planning documents and new employers will have access to trainee end of placement 2 reports/targets and pen portraits. Such information will allow schools to best plan how to support ECTs within schools based on pre-identified needs.